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24 | 02 | 2018
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Sydney Andal Group Protest

Sydney Andal Group Protests Comments on Sri Andal


Sydney Andal Group Protest for comments made by Vairamuthu regarding Sri Andal and the conduct of the Newspaper ” Dinamani” and its editor Vaidhyanathan

Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha
Sri Andal Thiruvadigale Charanam


Sydney Andal is a Sydney based Andal devotees, celebrating Sri Andal Kalyanam every year in the month of Thai for the last 13 years and the Koodaraivalli Utsavam for the last 4 years. Like millions of Hindus around the world, we were shocked to hear of and read the article by Vairamuthu in the meeting organised by Dinamani and later published in their newspaper. In his degrading and inflammatory speech, he has baselessly commented that Sri Andal was a Devadasi and referred to the FALSE RESEARCH work of one Subash Chandra Malik, who in turn refers to one MKS Narayanan and Kesavan Veluthat, who had written such bigotry in the name of research and has now agreed it was his conclusion without any solid evidence. In the past and present times, many other atheists like Veeramani (Dravida Kazhagam), Seeman, Kanimozhi (Rajya Sabha MP from TamilNadu) have spoken ill about Hindu religion. It may also be noted that Kanimozhi (Rajya Sabha MP) has indulged in a similar degrading speech about the Holy Hundi kept at Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD, Tirupathi).

Andal Group Protest 3This Vairamuthu incident is the last straw that broke the back of the camel for all Hindus who were tolerant so far whenever disparaging remarks were made about our Hindu religion, our gods and sentiments. Sydney Andal group condemns this speech, the publication of the article and any such act that is aimed at tainting our religion, our gods and our beliefs.

After making false statements under the guise of a research paper, which itself has been proven to be a series of lies, a mere “sorry if I have offended the sentiments”, isn’t sufficient. So we demand the following:

  1. Vairamuthu should in an open meeting (similar to the one where he made these remarks) admit he made a mistake and apologise.
  2. Dinamani editor Vaidhyanathan should be punished for insulting Hindus as he was fully aware of the contents but still went ahead with the meeting and the publication knowing full well it will offend the Hindus. The Apology in the newspaper, similar to the one from Vairamuthu is not sufficient.
  3. State and Central Government should act to punish people who incite grief and sorrow to Hindus by their speech and action.
  4. Vairamuthu should pray in front of Sri Andal in Srivilliputtur and ask for Her forgiveness.

Signed on behalf of the Sydney Andal Group on 21/01/2018

Andal Group Protest 1

 Andal Group Protest 2


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