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24 | 02 | 2018
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Nammazhvarum Naayika Bhavamum

​Namazhvarum Naayika Bhaavamum

Azhvar, in his normal state (நிலை), praises the sriyapathi sarveshwaran using the mayarvara "madhi" (madhi - gnanam - knowledge) and his pasurams will reveal the essence of vedantam and its inner meanings.

However when alwar drowns in "nalam" (nalam - bhakti - devotion), he loses composure, transforms and takes the characteristics of a noble lady (தன் நிலை போய் பெண் நிலையை அடைகிறார்). When alwar reaches this stage, he is said to have reached "naayika bhaavam".

When alwar sings pasurams in naayika bhavam, because of the overwhelming bhakthi and desire to reach the perumal, she loses her sense of logic and takes any meaningless way (like பறவைகளை தூதுவிடுதல், மடலெடுத்தல் etc) to express her love, desire and devotion towards perumal.

Alwar does in three forms of naayika bhavam.

1. Thozhi pasuram. Here the alwar takes the role of a friend and suggestes to the mother of her friend, to let their daughter in her own way to reach Him, stressing the relationship between her friend and Perumal.

Thozhi pasuram reveals the meaning of "OM", bhagavath sambandam.

["Unnithu matroru deivam thozaal* avanai allaal* Num ichai solli* num thozlhl kulaikapadum annai meer* mannapadu marai vaananai* vann thuvarapadhi mannanai* ethumin ethudalum* thozhuthadume* 4-6-10"]

2. Thaai pasuram. Here alwar takes the role of a mother and pleads with perumal to appear in order to save her distressed daughter, who trying to seek Him.

Thaai pasuram reveals the meaning of "NAMA: ", He is the saviour not us (அவனே உபாயம், ரக்ஷகன்)

[Aadi aadi* agam karaindhu* isai
paadi paadi *kaneer malgi* engum
naadi naadi* narasinga! enru*
vaadi vaadum* ivvaal nudale* 2-4-1]

3. Thalaivi pasuram. Here the alwar thinks herself as His beloved consort, desperately seeks to reach and serve Him for ever.

Thalaivi pasuram reveals the meaning of NARAYANAYA, service to Him (அவனுக்கே கைங்கர்யம்)

"Vaevaaraa vetkai noi* mel aaviyul ulartha* ovaadhi raapagal* unpaale veezhthozinthaai* maavaai pilandhu* marudhidai poai mann azhlandha* moova mudhalva* ini emmai chorele*



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